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Our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) program is designed for individuals who are passionate about personal growth and self-improvement, regardless of their professional background. We understand the importance of balancing serious training with safety and support, which is why our experienced instructors and comprehensive onboarding process ensure that every member feels confident and well-prepared.

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A few ways to start

If you're just starting out, we want to get to know you better. Your goals, chronic injuries, and past experiences. We ensure you are ready to enter into our group classes safely and confidently.

I have little-to-no experience

Not to worry! We have an onboarding program as well as private lesson opportunities to get you ready for our classes.

I have a some experience

If you've done group fitness classes or tried Brazilian Jiu-Jistu that's great. A brief meeting to discuss your goals, limitations and questions will get you on the right path.

I have a lot of experience

Great! We love having people join us with experience. Check out our membership options page for details on joining or if you want to try us out, you can request a class drop-in.

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